How to use Chromecast on Laptop?

use Chromecast on Laptop

Known as one of the most popular and useful technical gadgets of Goggle, Chromecast allows the users to stream countless media to any TV or monitor through a connected device.

The device and TV or monitor is connected through an HDMI cable. This is the easiest and affordable option to connect multiple devices and monitors at one time.

Now you don’t have to buy a new smart TV for enjoying the streaming of your favorite media programs. Rather than this use Chromecast that cost-effectively brings similar results.

Chromecast is a handy gadget that you can easily take with yourself on roads or while in staying hotel rooms.

This Google technical gadget is available in different versions but all the versions bring the same streaming strength. One can connect Chromecast to stream media from the phone, tablet or any other device.

Moreover, you can also connect Chromecast to your laptop easily only if you have installed the latest version of Google Chrome Browser. After connecting HDMI cable to your laptop, mobile or tablet, you will be able to see media on your TV screen.


Functionality of Chromecast

It is a really useful and effective method to see your favorite media (such as photos, movies, programs) on your TV screen. Chromecast receives particular information of data of your connected phone, tablet, laptop or PC through your Wi-Fi network.

No matter, if you are watching a Netflix show on your laptop or a YouTube video. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows with your family and friends by connecting your screen with your laptop, PC or any other device.

In short words, Chromecast can convert your TV screen into the mirror or reflection of your connected PC or laptop.

Moreover, you don’t have to play or stream different services on the screen of your laptop or other connected devices only for appearing on the TV screen.

Various Google media services (such as YouTube or Google Play Music) come up with an effective method so that you can enjoy photos and videos with higher resolution.

Google Chromecast Set-Up

Do you want to use Chromecast? If yes then, there is a simple few steps method that you have to follow for using it.

  • First of all, connect the HDMI port of your TV with Chromecast
  • For downloading the Chromecast Setup Page, you have to download Google Home android any Apple’s compatible app on your device.
  • Some instructions will appear on your TV screen or your connected wireless network device

Follow the instructions and start enjoying Chromecast

Connect Chromecast with Your Laptop

Connect Chromecast with Your Laptop

In this daily life, many of us spend most of our time on our laptops. From watching TV programs to handling presentations, all are done on laptops or PC.

In these busy schedules, Chromecast is an easy and cost-effective method that helps you to project your media on a bigger screen.

Do you know how to connect your Laptop with Chromecast in the case to watch media on your TV or bigger screen? If no then here is the solution. Follow the below-mentioned steps for establishing the strong connection of your laptop with your TV screen.

Step #1 _ Install Chrome Browser

First of all make sure that Chrome is downloaded, installed and updated on your Laptop.

Step #2 _ For Start Streaming

Whenever you want to start streaming of media to your TV screen, open your browser window and click on the three dots in the upper right corner

Step #3 _ Select Chromecast

After clicking on the dots, select the cast option and check the available options of Chromecast devices. Click on the name of your desired Chromecast.

(NOTE: if you are using more than one Chromecast device in your house then all devices within your limited range will show up to you. Carefully select the one that is suitable and connected to your TV screen.)

Step #4 _ Activate Dropdown List

For activating the dropdown list, click on the Sources Option. In this way, you will get three different display options

  1. Cast any file of your desire
  2. Cast Tab option that will only show the active tab of your device on the screen
  3. Cast Desktop option that will show your entire desktop on your TV screen (no matter, if you are browsing or not)

Step #5 _ Final Step

Select one screening option that is suitable for you. After this, select your preferred Chromecast and you will able to see your media content on TV screen.

After establishing the connection of Chromecast, one can use their TV screen the same as they use their laptops or PC. From watching movies to display pictures or from sharing social media platforms to streaming channels, now you can share your entire laptop screen with the entire room.

Chrome cast is a very useful tool that is commonly used during

  • Business meetings when you have to share important information with your business partners
  • In universities, when students have to deliver presentations
  • When you want to see media content on a large screen or want to see movies with your family and friends

Common Chromecast Problems

No wonder, Chromecast is one of the amazing tools to stream your media content. But it also comes up with some common errors such as

  • Full screen is not visible on the TV Screen
  • Sound errors
  • Chromecast is not displaying the content according to the display options

The only reason for these common errors is that there is a certain lag of connection between your laptop and Chromecast. So, for a better experience, it is important to maintain a secure connection between your device and HDMI.

In Last

Let’s bring the whole world of streaming videos on one screen with this amazing technical tool. For those who want to know how they connect their laptops with TV screens through Chromecast, all above mentioned instructions are more than enough.

The concept of streaming the media from a laptop or tablet is the same while there will be a slight difference in directional steps.

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