How To Take A Screenshot With A Hp Laptop?

HP is known to be one of the well-recognized & reliable companies around the globe. It produces laptops, tablets, desktops, printers & a range of other electronic components.

The majority of people have HP laptops, desktops or tablets at their homes or offices. No matter where we use, we often need to take screenshots of our system.

But, the majority of people don’t know the actual way to screenshot. So, if you are an HP laptop user & looking forward to the right way of taking a screenshot, here you are at the right place.

Screenshots are meant to capture the image of your computer/laptop screen & you may require it for multiple purposes.

It comes handy when you need to show your work to someone else like your co-workers or your boss.  You may also need to capture the moments while talking to your family or your loved ones abroad etc.

So, if you know the right ways of taking screenshots on your laptop, you can save those screen images & this is also the requirement of this modern & digital age.

So, let us get to different ways of taking a screenshot on your HP laptop.

Various ways to take a screenshot on HP laptop

# The default way of taking a screenshot of fullscreen

Hp laptops run windows so you can capture screenshots whenever you require merely with a few clicks.  If you are going to take a screenshot for the very first time, you might have seen the Print Screen button but haven’t used it ever.

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It may be abbreviated as PrtSC or PrtScn on the top row of your laptop. This is the button that allows you to take a screenshot & captures your entire screen all at once.

However, as you press this button, nothing will happen surprisingly. The reason is that the screenshot isn’t saved immediately but is copied to the clipboard. You need to follow a few simple steps to save it & transfer it if you want.

  • Press the Windows key and the Print Screen or PrtScn key from the keyboard at the same time to take a screenshot of your entire screen. It might be the case that your laptop screen dims for a while to show that the screenshot has been taken but it doesn’t happen every time.
  • Open the desired application you want to paste your screenshot to, for instance, Ms word, Ms paint, GIMP, Photoshop, etc and press CTRL + V to paste the screenshot from the clipboard to save here in the desired program.
  • Make changes or edit the screenshot, if you need & save the image anywhere in your computer for future use.

That’s it! You are done & have successfully taken & saved the screenshot of your entire screen from HP laptop.

# Taking a screenshot of the active window

If you don’t want the screenshot of your entire window but of the window that’s currently in use on your HP laptop, here are the simplest steps to follow.

  • Press ALTPrint Screen or PrtScn key from the keyboard together & it will capture the screenshot of the active window only.
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Just like the above procedure, doing this will not show anything on your screen as the screenshot is saved on the clipboard.

  • You can open any application like MS word, paint or Photoshop to paste the screenshot from the clipboard to save it.
  • You can make the desired changes to your screenshot & then save it for whatever purpose you want.

# Taking a custom screenshot of the desired window

Whether your HP laptop has windows 7/8/10 or Windows Vista, it proffers you a snipping tool, which allows you to take the screenshot by selecting the any-size portion of your screen.

  • Click the start button from your keyboard and type Snipping Tool there & click on the search results.
  • As the snipping tool application is open now, press CTRL + N or New to create a screenshot or snip with the help of this tool.
  • You are free to move the cursor to take the screenshot of the desired area. Drag your cursor to craft a rectangular outline with its help, anywhere you want.
  • Press the Disk icon or press CTRL + S to save the screenshot of your desired area.

Available modes of the snipping tool

Other than the default or the standard mode (Rectangular snip), snipping tool allow you to take a screenshot in the following three ways too:

# Free form snip

Capture the screenshot in any form or shape freely.

# Window snip

Captures the screenshot of the active window with one click.

# Full-screen snip

Capture the screenshot of the entire desktop screen.

It also proffers you a highlighter, colourful pens & an eraser to draw something on your screenshot to make it a bit more clear & easy to understand i.e. you don’t need any other editors.

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Most of the time people face certain issues while taking screenshots i.e. they are unable to capture anything.

There may be the time when you are successful in taking a screenshot but the saved image is twisted or blank. The majority of people don’t understand the issue, but we are here to assist you in this regard.

Almost every time you face such an issue, there is a problem with any of your drivers i.e. you are using an outdated or wrong driver.  So, it is imperative to ensure that every driver in your laptop is from a reliable supplier & is up to date.

There are two recommendations for you in this regard, either you can check & update all of your drivers manually or there are a few programs available online that can help you in this regard, such as Driver Easy.

If you install them on your laptop, it keeps track of all the drivers & recommends the latest version of any outdated drivers, if and when required.

I hope this information helped you as I have discussed every possible way you must know to take a screenshot on your HP Laptop.

If you are still confused or unable to capture the screenshot, just let us know & we will be there to assist you in your time of need.

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