How To Reset Acer Laptop To Factory Setting Without Password?

Forgetting the laptop password can be a real pain while executing many of your tasks. At several executions, phases and updates such as system settings and admin changes systems require a pre-set password by the user.

If the user is unable to give that password, it can be a real hurdle to many of the operations.

Tips to Reset Acer Laptop to Factory Setting without Password

Below we have discussed effective techniques to reset the Acer laptop to factory setting without having the password to erase the previous password and reset the system to its factory settings:

Factory setting restoration with recovery disk

Having a recovery disk with windows 8/10 allows the user to boot the system with repair or recovery disk. This allows the user to reset it to factory settings even without the previous set password.

Below is a stepwise guide to reset your Acer laptop to factory setting with a recovery disk.

  • Connect the recovery disk to the laptop
  • Boot the laptop from recovery disk
  • When you have the installation screen prompt select NEXT
  • With the next screen you get the option Repair this PC at the left most corner of the screen, select it.
  • With the next screen, select the troubleshoot option.
  • Then select the option Reset this PC from the list.
  • Such steps are different for Windows 8. On can simply follow the on-screen instructions to restore the system to factory settings. The other screen prompt asks the user among two options, such as ” Keep my files” or “Remove Everything.”
  • Select your system with the next screen
  • Select which drive you want to clear, only the one where Windows is installed or all drives.
  • If you’re going to keep the PC files, select ” Just remove my files” in either case to clean up the whole PC and restore it to the factory setting with all drives select “Full clean the drive.”
  • Click on reset this PC with the next screen to restore the system to factory settings.
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In case you don’t have the repair disk, one can even download the Windows 8/10 ISO file to create the installation disk with the USB or the Compact Disk.

Restoration to factory setting with Alt + F 10 keys

The second way to reset the system to factory settings is by using Alt + F 10 keys in case you don’t have the repair disk.

The easy steps to carry out the system restore to factory settings without password include:

  • Power off your Acer Laptop
  • When the system boots and the Acer logo appears to hold the Alt and F10 keys together.
  • Wait for a while, and lets the screen options come.
  • After some time, you will get options. Go for the troubleshoot option
  • Click on Reset this PC on Windows 10, and on Windows 8, you will get an option Reset your PC.
  • Go for the option ” Remove Everything “
  • Initiate the resetting process by restarting your PC.
  • On prompt wait a while as resetting takes a little time.
  • After the resetting process completion, follow the instructions to set the Acer laptop.

Now you can easily reset your password and get the factory restored settings.

Restoration to factory settings with E-Recovery Management

The Acer laptop has a built-in feature to switch to auto-recovery management mode if the system does not start normally. If it doesn’t switch automatically, one can switch to the auto-recovery mode by pressing Alt + F 10 keys together.

Doing so will proceed as:

  • Click on the restore button
  • To restore the system back to factory settings, you get three options via this approach, such as restore system to factory settings, restore the operating system to fetch system data or reinstall the drives in the system.
  • After selecting the prior option, opt the on-screen instructions to carry the restoration process.
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Tips and Tricks 

Restoring your system to factory settings will refresh the system and restore it back to the default features.

If you completely format the drives, all your settings and files will be removed, and system settings will go to factory default.

Although if you forget your password and want to recover your files and system settings as well, there is another option as a password reset disk with Windows Password Tuner. Doing so will allow the user to get a system access grant without giving the set password.

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