How to Remove Sticker Residue from Laptop?

The world is full of innovations, and technology is introducing mind-blowing gadgets every day with higher functionality and effectiveness.

With the change in the modes of living, upgraded fashion also. People now tend to focus more on brands and styles, as well as the way they carry their phones and laptops.

The ordinary appearance of laptops has also changed into classy and elegant looks. Just the trivial problem can become a disaster if after purchasing a brand-new laptop, you try to remove its stickers.

Or in the past, if you have customized your laptop with plenty of stickers and now your gadget looks like a mess.

Of-course you have tried to clean your laptop’s surface from those stickers, and no doubt, you have been met with another surprise too, that is the adhesive residue.

After scraping the labels, this sticky residue not only almost destroys the decent look of your laptop, but also is the most stubborn to be removed.

Thankfully, many household items can strip the sticky surface without leaving stains or discoloration.

Here you’ll learn how to remove sticker residue from a laptop without causing any harm to the gadget.

Best Methods to Remove Sticker Residue from a Laptop

Stickers on your laptop’s surface may look pretty and give you a fantastic feeling whenever you look at your laptop. However, they are not so easy to remove too. You can like them for a while, but you won’t like the sticky surface they leave as soon as you try to remove them.

First of all, shut your laptop off and unplug it. You definitely won’t want any of the substances going into the gadget and later resulting in some other problem.

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It is even better if you take out the battery to keep your laptop safer. The following are some quick and easy ways on how to remove sticker residue from laptop.

Use hot water

The easiest and quickest way to remove adhesive is by using some hot water. Firstly, if your laptop is new, you should have no problem in removing the stickers.

But in case, if the adhesive remains, you can try warm water. Take a piece of cloth, soak it into hot water, and rub the sticky surface for a while. Use pressure in a circular motion to scrub away the adhesive in just a little time.

While cleaning with hot water is easy, it requires more care. You should remember not to over-soak the cloth in water, and drain any excess liquid. Also, do not take the fabric near to any openings of the laptop.

Use dish wash

If water doesn’t work, it is time to pick something powerful. What about that dish soap in your kitchen? You have always cleaned your pots with it, but now let’s use it for the leftover residue on your laptop’s surface.

Soak your cloth in warm water. Make sure to drain it properly. Now add a little bit of two or three drops of dish wash on it, no more than that.

Use your finger to lather the dish soap, and try to wipe down the adhesive part. You may use some pressure but be careful as the soapy area may slip your hand and cause the dish wash to enter into your laptop.

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Also, after you have successfully removed the sticky area, use a clean piece of cloth to clean the surface from any leftover soap. You should always use fabric for such jobs and never pour any liquid soap, dish wash, or any other substance directly onto your laptop.

Use Alcohol

If you are dealing with an extreme type of residue that no warm water or dish wash is working, try using 90% rubbing alcohol. All you have to do is to dip a corner of your microfiber fabric into rubbing alcohol. After that, use strong, circular movements to clean off the sticky area.

There is another way too, in case the above method doesn’t go well. Dip your cloth in rubbing alcohol and this time, instead of applying pressure, just leave your wet cloth on the residue for two to three minutes. It will remove any sticky parts in no time.

This method is useful, but you should be careful of time, as the more time rubbing alcohol stays on your laptop’s surface, the more are the chances of discoloration of your gadget.

Even checking the laptop’s exterior after every thirty to sixty seconds, after putting the alcohol-soaked cloth on it, will keep you on a safer side.

Use white vinegar

You don’t have 90% rubbing alcohol, and the stubborn residue is still not gone? Don’t worry, because like almost every kitchen, yours will have white vinegar too.

Take a small bowl and pour warm water and vinegar in it. Make sure you are taking an equal ratio of them. In the start, you can just take one spoon of both. Mix the liquids, and there you go!

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Like water, the white vinegar has a very thin texture, which increases the possibility of liquid entering into your laptop. Make sure you drain the cloth well and use it in limited surface only.

Use duct tape

It seems like the residue is exceptionally headstrong, but stay cool, as this time we will use the sticky surface of duct tape against the sticky surface.

Cut a strip of duct tape (or any other sturdy, adhesive tape you have) from 2 to 3 inches. For a non-sticky grip, fold over a tiny portion of an edge, then start rubbing the tape’s sticky coating over the residue.

Of-course when you are using the tape, it may happen that the residue from stickers is gone, but the adhesive of tape is left. This is not something you should trouble yourself with, as this small issue can be quickly resolved with the very first trick: use warm water.

Bottom line

Now you know how to remove sticker residue from a laptop without damaging its surface. Whatever method you use, dish wash, alcohol, or vinegar, make sure to prefer using warm water at first.

Also, as far as duct tape is concerned, put it in the last and use this approach only when no other method is working!

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