How To Play PS4 On Laptop Screen With HDMI?

Who doesn’t enjoy games? Nowadays, nearly everyone from teens to adults loves gaming. It’s because the invention of PlayStations has practically turned the tables for spending leisure time.

Now you don’t need to panic if you don’t have a monitor or TV screen to play PS4. If you have a laptop, then you are almost good to go. Because with the methods explained here, you can quickly turn your laptop into a gaming system.

From the first PlayStation invented by Sony Computer Entertainment to its eight-generation called PS4, the area of gaming has conquered several complexities and problems.

The recent updates in PS4 have included HDMI ports, and by using them, you can play PS4 on your laptop without any hassle.

Put on your seat belt as here we are going to explore how to play PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI? Shall we?

Why can PS4 not be directly connected to a laptop?

This is what most users try: they have a laptop with an HDMI port. Since PS4 also comes with HDMI cable, they try to connect both, hoping it will help them use their laptop screen as a gaming one directly.

However, the truth is that it doesn’t work at all. The laptop doesn’t even show a pop-up menu that a device has been plugged in.

The reason you cannot directly link your laptop and PS4 is the unidirectionality of the HDMI port. That means the HDMI cable your PS4 has doesn’t support a two-way connection.

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Both the laptop and PS4 have output connections, and the signals will not be transferred with an output-to-output path. And thus, to connect the PS4 with your laptop, you need to make some effort.

Let’s make this difficult job a piece of cake for you. Here you’ll learn how to play PS4 on laptop screen with HDMI?

Method 1: Video Capture Card

The first technique is using a Video Capture Card and is by no means tricky or challenging. All it requires a laptop, a Video Capture Card, a good internet connection, an HDMI cable, and in last, file sharing compatibility. Now let’s move to the step-by-step process.

Step 1: Enabling File Sharing option

Before you even begin, you have to set-up the File Sharing feature. To turn it on, go to the PS4 menu, and then locate the Settings tab. Now look for “Network Settings,” and in the same section, you have to go to “Internet Connection Settings.”

Once you found your router, click on it to set-up a secure connection. While in case there is a non-wireless connection, you can link both your laptop and PS4 on the same router by using Ethernet cables.

Step 2: Installing Software

After enabling the File Sharing option, you have to install the software of the Video Capture Card. You can easily do it by using a USB port.

The program is easy to install, and it will take no time to set-up. However, if your Video Capture Card doesn’t have the best quality, then it may take some time.

Step 3: Establishing the S-connection

Almost every Video Capture Card comes with an S-video connection cable. Use this cable to connect the Video Capture Card and PS4 console. Keep in mind that you have to connect HDMI-IN on the Capture Card, while HDMI-OUT will be connected to PS4.

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Step 4: Finalizing

Now, after you have successfully connected the PS4 and Video Capture Card, it’s time to run the application software, which you have earlier installed in Step 2.

Turn on the PS4 so that the software can monitor the PS4 console and display it on your laptop screen after sending a confirmation notice.

Alright, that’s it! Although this quick and straightforward method can cost you some money, it is by far the best approach in terms of quality and performance.

However, those who are a bit conscious about their budget, here is another solution for you too!

Method 2: Remote Play

This method is flexible than HDMI one and doesn’t require any investment. But to use this approach, you must have a good internet connection as here you’ll be connecting both devices remotely.

Other than that, this procedure will require a USB cable, or if not a Dualshock wireless adaptor, and an account on the PlayStation.

Step 1: Downloading the app

The first step requires you to download the latest version of the Remote Play app on your laptop.

Step 2: Enabling the app

Once the download is finished, open the app. Turn on PS4 and go to “Remote Play Connection Settings” and then “Enable Remote Play.” Next, return to Settings and search for “PlayStation Network Settings.” Click on “Activate as Your Primary PS4”.

Step 3: Enabling the Rest Mode

To have access to the game, you have to enable the rest mode. Go to Settings and look for “Power Save Settings.” In that, click on “Set Features Available in Rest Mode.”

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Step 4: Connecting USB

Now in this last step, plug in the USB adapter and push for few seconds to connect the controllers. By doing this, you will see the “Start Button” on the Remote Play app.

And by clicking on this button, you will reach the PlayStation login screen. Log into your account to have access to the games. In case if you go for Dualshock wireless adaptor, look for the share button on your PlayStation.

Press it for a few seconds until you see the flashing light bar. Plugin the adaptor into the laptop and push for few seconds just like USB until the login menu appears on the screen.

How to disconnect PS4 from the laptop?

This is easy. Just go to “Power Settings” and then “Rest Mode.” This will terminate all the connections with the laptop, and you can easily disconnect the PS4 with the laptop.

Bottom line

Hopefully, now you know how to play PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI. The two methods, with Video Capture Card and the other, using Remote play, offer convenience and functionality.

However, the first one may be a bit pricy but gives fantastic results. The later one is, although somewhat complicated, doesn’t require any money. You can choose any according to your preference!

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