How To Make Overwatch Run Better On Laptop?

Overwatch – One of the most played online games that got tremendous popularity over the years.

A number of people are passionate about playing this game while a few others want to try it because of its hype. This game is known to keep gamers busy for hours without any break.

This guide is all about making overwatch run better on your laptops just by following a few simple steps.

But, if you are using the regular laptop for playing this game, you still have to compromise a few features like fog details, shadow details & rendering, etc.


10 Ways to Make Overwatch Run Better On Laptop

Clear all temporary & redundant files

Several unnecessary & unwanted files on your hard disk take up a lot of space & clog it, which can be freed up.

So, the very first step is to clean all these temporary & surplus files from your laptop. When it comes to improving the gaming experience of overwatch, it will have a minimal effect but it is a necessary thing to do.

Several applications are available on the internet which can be downloaded free with a few clicks to get away from these files, for instance, CCleaner.

Update graphics driver

You are lucky enough if your laptop already has a graphic card installed in it. You just need to make sure that it is updated to its latest version. By and large, your laptop will have Intel UHD/HD, AMD Radeon or GPU from Nvidia.

If you are not sure about your graphic card, either you can look for the laptop product specifications or go to Device Management > Display Adapters.

The last but not the least solution is to install the ‘Driver Update Tool’, which automatically scans your laptop & recommend the drivers that are required to be updated.

Close all running applications in the background

The users always assume that if no applications are showing up on the taskbar, it means that all are closed but that’s not the truth. Several applications keep running in the background even without any notice.

To check any running applications, click ^ button on the right of the windows taskbar & close them immediately. Make sure you aren’t closing any graphical program running at the backend.

Make sure your laptop is free from viruses

All of us use the internet on our laptops & we get viruses, malware, adware, spyware, ransom wares, Trojans, & whatnot, etc.

All of these programs are destructive ones that are intended to steal confidential information, monitor your activities or hog the resources of your system unnecessarily.

It definitely will slow down your gaming performance while playing overwatch on your laptop.

The solution to all these problems is having an Antivirus program on your laptop.  It will successfully remove all such programs from your laptop.

Avoid using recording software / FPS calculating software

It is highly recommended to avoid using the Gameplay recording software unless & until you are using it for the experimental purpose.

Any kind of screen recording or gameplay recording software will affect the Overwatch performance badly.

Other than this, it is also suggested to avoid using FPS calculating software too because it uses up the system resources & reduce gaming performance to much extend.

Disable antivirus software

There may be two cases in this scenario.

The first one is that you already have an antivirus program installed on your laptop but your laptop is free from such dangerous programs. In this case, you are suggested to uninstall the antivirus from your laptop.

The second case is that you just have installed an antivirus program because your laptop has viruses. As soon as you are done cleaning your laptop from all viruses, you must disable it.

The reason is that antivirus programs run at the backend all the time to keep a regular check for any threats, which consequently slows down your system speed & overwatch performance.

Acquire laptop cooler

Heated laptops always give you bad gaming experience. So, for a gaming laptop, the cooling system is essential.

There are a lot of laptop cooler pads available in store or you can conveniently buy them online within reasonable rates.

But, make sure to buy from a reliable dealer because all cooling pads aren’t of the same quality & you need to buy the effective one.

Clean internal of your laptop

When it comes to electronic components, dust can be the biggest enemy that may cause your laptop to suffer a lot due to this.

The normal users don’t bother to clean the internals of their laptops because they find it a bit challenging. But, when the dust gets accumulated inside it, it may create further problems & can be hard to remove.

In this regard, you are suggested to clean the internals of your laptop frequently before it’s too late.

If you are not sure how to open up your laptop, you can search for some related videos on YouTube & learn to do it with utmost care.

The thermal paste on your GPU and CPU

Thermal paste? But why? It is a compound that transmits your laptop processor heat to the heat sink. The majority of manufacturers don’t apply it properly while manufacturing the laptops so you can apply it on your own to lower the GPU & CPU temperature up to 5 degrees Celsius.

An important suggestion for you is to remove the already applied thermal paste with alcohol pads (if any) and then apply the new one.

Consider installing additional RAM

If you are utilizing your laptop for several years, the best recommendation for you is to add additional RAM to it for the enhanced performance, not only for overwatch but for other programs too.

Make sure to buy the Ram stick that laptop supports. In this regard, you can first check the specifications of your laptop on its official website to buy the RAM accordingly.

If you choose to add the RAM, it will proffer you the faster load times & consequently the speedier gameplay.

I hope if you follow all or a few of the above-listed steps, you will have significant improvement in your Overwatch gaming experience.

But, if you are still facing some sort of issue while playing the game or confused about something written above, feel free to contact.

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