How To Make A Phone Call From Laptop?

Just with a good internet connection and a nice headphone you can simply transform your laptop into a cellular phone. A lot of featured applications and services are available to facilitate the purpose of the users.

With modern working means and practices working from home or at online platforms is the hot niche today most of the people prefer. There are means that enable the users to receive and make calls from the laptops they are using.

Here we will discuss the nice and easy approaches to make phone calls via your laptop via windows or Mac operating systems.


How to Make/Receive Calls via Laptop on Windows and Mac?

Featuring the video conferencing to apps allowing the users to make calls here we will provide information to make phone calls at mobile numbers or landline numbers.

Required hardware

Having the use of built-in microphones and speakers can also work but it compromises privacy and clear voice at your end. Having a nice headset is a better and convenient deal to go for.

So if you are using windows operating system just click on the rightmost panel and its options. Go for a cog icon and select system and sound to set your preferred system volume and device preferences.

If you are using the Mac operating system you need to first open the Apple menu and select the user preferences. Click sound on the input and output check tabs and set your preferred volume levels.

It’s always a better practice to check the system and hardware to be used setting prior to make a call in order to make the experience hassle-free. In Windows, you have a voice recorder app option as well to test the voice recording quality as well.

Softwares required to make a call

There are several apps on both platforms to facilitate the call making purpose from the laptop while using any of the operating systems. The most prominent and easy ones to use are:

With Mac

While using the Mac Operating system and having signed in with the same apple id just load the face time app. Just type the number and make a call.

With windows

Just link your android phone to the laptop and the phone app is there to facilitate your call making purpose. Working totally fine it allows making calls as smoother as on Mac platforms for the users.

Just launch the app from the Start menu, select the calls tab, and follow the instructions. You need to install the same app on your phone as well.

If one wants to make a call via some app and doesn’t want to route it with a mobile phone then the best software source to fulfill the cause is Skype. With desktop clients for both iOS and Windows, it works best.

There are a variety of subscription options that are paid and are easy to use if you are a frequent call maker with a laptop. Just set the caller id, dial the number and here you are on the call with a suitable internet connection.

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