How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart?

Laptop overheating might be the cause of your different issues that are occurring on your laptop. Overheating damages the hardware as well as software.

You should deal with your laptops overheating before it gives you permanent and expensive damage.

This article has complete information about your queries which will, in the end, help fix your laptops overheating without taking apart!


10 Reasons For Laptops Overheating

Few Components

Laptop users want to run their laptops fast and with high-quality resolution screens. For this reason, they put a number of powerful processors and graphic cards.

The processor makes the laptops run everything faster and the graphic card gives high resolution on the laptop screen.

These components provide facilities that help you to complete your tasks on a good screen and in minimum time. However, these components cause a dilemma that is overheating.

Exhaust Vents Blockage

Exhaust vents are located on the sides and back of the laptops. Their function is to conduct away heat from the laptop.

But due to the dust accumulation on the exhaust vents, the generated heat can not be taken away for the laptop. This blockage makes the laptop overheat.

Laptop Fan

The fan removes the heat from the laptop. A faulty laptop fan also contributes to an overheating laptop. The fan may stop after booting up the laptop.

New Components

Adding new components like hard disk, RAM or sound cards also causes overheating. Because these components make your laptop run more resources which are therefore not manufacturer recommended.

Not Accurate Placement

Placing your laptop incorrectly is also a reason behind the overheating. Improper placement clogs airflow through the exhaust vents.


If you are over-performing your laptop it will require more charge. And over passing time this becomes overcharging which leads your laptop to overheat.

Heat Sink

The heat sink is an aluminum or copper metal conductor,  which provides cooling to the laptop body. But when the heat sink does not give adequate cooling, then it causes overheating.

Thermal Grease

It is generated between the heat sink and CPU. Its degeneration contributes to overheating.

Operating System

When you install or upgrade your laptop’s operating system it causes the laptop to overheat. Windows 10 has been often found overheating in laptops.

Surrounding Temperature

The room temperature where the laptop is being used also affects the overheating. The warmer the temperature of your surrounding the more are the chances of


Damages Caused By Overheating

Laptops overheating can cause you and the internal components serious damage. Houston Chronicle stated that “overheating can cause serious damage to laptops.” On that note let’s have a look at the damages.

  • An overheated laptop can actually cauterize. Thousands of VAIO laptops have burning hazards.
  • There are some indications that overheated laptops are causing a negative impact on male fertility.
  • Apart from causing serious damages to your body, overheating also leads to failure of hardware components.
  • Overheating decreases the lifespan of your laptop.
  • It slows your laptop’s processors.
  • Laptop batteries mostly contain lithium-ion that can be harmed by overheating.
  • Motherboard’s circuits get damaged because of overheating.
  • It can cause your laptop permanent harm.
  • Faulty laptops have even burned houses.

Is Your Laptop Actually Overheating?

You can call your device “Overheated” when it produces more heat than it’s actually designed to handle.

Before calling your laptop an “Overheated Laptop” you need to find out whether your laptop is actually overheating or it’s just a usual heat emission. The indications are below.

  • A free from doubt sign of overheating is when your laptop fan is constantly running at high speed with unusual noise.
  • Mysterious error messages in random programs.
  • Lines showing on your screen.
  • The laptop suddenly shuts down on its own.
  • Areas, where fan, processor, RAM, or battery are located, are hot.
  • The laptop performance will be reduced day by day.

Let’s Begin Fixing!

Now, that you have become completely known to the: causes, damages, and signs of overheating; it’s mandatory for you to fix it as soon as possible.

Clean Your Laptop Fan

This is the most essential step of fixation for overheating. For better results, you are highly advised to follow the instructions the same as they are written here.

  • Backup your data present on the laptop.
  • Shut down your laptop.
  • Remove the battery
  • Unplug your laptop
  • And ground yourself
  • Cautiously, clean the fan with a cotton ball dipped in a drop of alcohol.

Note that before reconnecting your laptop to the power the alcohol has entirely evaporated.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner.

Remove Dust From Exhaust Vents

Obviously, for the fixation, you have to regularly clean the opening that blows out hot air. Let’s clean the vents!

  • Using a vacuum cleaner is a convenient way to clean the vents.
  • The intake grills are also included in this cleaning of vents. With canned air, you can clean them easily.

Apply Thermal Grease

Applying a fresh layer of thermal grease to the interface between the heat sink and CPU.

Avoid Soft Surface

Few Surfaces like pillows and blankets are an obstacle in your laptop’s airflow. To avoid this scenario you are advised to use flat and hard surfaces. To make it easy for you we have listed below some surfaces.

  • Laptop tray.
  • Laptop holder.
  • Lap stand.

Buy A Cooling Pad

This fixation idea is a piece of cake. All you have to do is buy a cooling pad and place your laptop on it. Cooling pads are affordable and they actually work. It helps your laptop to perform better by lowering the temperature.

Use A Laptop Cooler

It decreases overheating, by providing additional cooling to the laptops with bottom vents.

Other Ways

Along with these fixation methods, there are few other ways that may prevent your laptop from overheating.

  • Install accessories that are manufacturer-approved or recommended.
  • Do not let your laptop get overcharged.
  • Do not upgrade or install unnecessary things on your laptop.
  • Use your laptop with less brightness.
  • Install a Task Manager to check which app is using CPU unnecessarily.
  • Turn off your laptop every night.
  • Avoid placing your laptop where your pet sleeps. Their hair often blocks the exhaust vents.
  • Check out the battery and replace it.


Overheating laptops is an issue of the daily life laptop users. After knowing all the important stuff about overheating you can now fix your laptop at home without taking it apart. If you do not have expertise then get it done by the professional service center.

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