How To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

Nothing’s worse than a crooked or cracked laptop screen! Your laptop screen is the most delicate component of the device.

When damage, the display of the screen disrupts. Distorted visual hinders with your routine operations on the laptop! Therefore, you require some solution to deal with the crooked screen.

While usually, people go for a laptop replacement option, sometimes you don’t have enough funds! So what should you do in such a situation?

Would you continue to use a cracked screen laptop? Of course not! Because is it possible to fix your cracked laptop screen without replacing?

YES!! It is absolutely possible to fix your screen without laptop replacement! In this article, we are going to explain how you fix your laptop screen easily and efficiently without replacement or losing it completely!


Make Sure That Your Laptop Screen Is Cracked!

Just because you are having impaired visuals, doesn’t always mean that your laptop screen is cracked or broken.

Whether you want to replace it or repair it first you need to do an inspection. It would not only save your time & energy but also eliminates the risk of further damages.

Sometimes, the distorted screen is the result of a corrupted graphics card. Here is how you can easily diagnose whether its the graphics card or laptop screen that needs repairs.

  1. Plug-in the laptop’s graphic card to an external monitor or TV screen.
  2. If the display of the TV screen or monitor comes out perfect, then you have a damaged screen.
  3. On the other hand, if nothing appears on the external screen – it means that you need to replace your graphic card.

What do You need To Fix A Laptop Screen?

Fixing a laptop screen without replacing it with a new one – usually means that you are doing the ‘operation’ on your own.

To perform the surgery on your laptop, you first need to make some preparations. It’s the same as gathering the ingredients and utensils before cooking. Here is a list of things that you need to successfully fix a cracked laptop screen.

DIY Laptop Screen Kit:

When planning on repairing a cracked laptop screen on your own, it is best to have a complete tool kit.

With proper tools, you can easily repair the laptop screen – saving time & energy. This tool kit is easily available in the market and costs no more than $10.

However, if you are traveling and have no access to this tool kit – then don’t worry. We also have alternatives for you that can help you manage the repairing process just fine!

Safety Pin or Needle:

Available in every house – found in knitting kit. It would help you to remove the stickers that cover the screws under the bezel.

Small Magnetic Screwdriver:

You need to be careful about the size of the screwdriver – it should be mid-sized. The magnetic screwdriver makes it easy to remove and tight the screws.

Plastic Knife or Some Thin Object:

You need a plastic knife or some thin object to pull apart the bezel.

Flat Area/Surface:

It is required to place the laptop to repair it without any problem.

Small Bowl or Container:

Use a bowl or container to keep all the screws safely.

Nitto Tape:

Don’t forget to grab a Nitto tape as you will require it to hold the screen in place. The tape will prevent the screen from dropping or sliding down.

Steps To Fix The Cracked Laptop Screen!

With proper gear and carefully following the steps, you can renew your crooked laptop screen without replacing it.

Though the screen fixing process might be a little too long, the results would amaze you. So without further ado let’s take a look at how you can repair the cracked laptop screen.

Unplug The Laptop With Power:

To follow the procedure you need to cut down the power of your laptop. It means you have to unplug its charger, shut it down and then remove its battery.

Remove Cover Stickers:

Once the laptop is turned off – locate all the cover stickers. Use a needle/safety pin to remove these stickers – to reveal the hidden screws in the bezel.

Remove The Screws From Bezels:

Now use the mid-size magnetic screwdriver to carefully remove all the screws. Put all the screws inside a bowl/plastic container.

Carefully Pull Away The Bezel:

After removing all the screws successfully, it is now time to pull away from the bezel. But you have been too careful here.

It’s delicate and if you use the force you might damage the laptop permanently. Use a gentle force to pull away from the bezel. Move the screen gently up and down, to free it.

Unsecure The LCD Screen:

When you removed the bezel, the LCD will now be visible. You will notice that it’s secured via two metal rims at both sides – secured with screws.

Use the magnetic screwdriver to remove the metal rims. Position the LCD screen down on the keyboard.

Unplug The Screen From Cables:

The laptop screen is attached to cables. You have to carefully remove the cable attachments. Then pull out the broken LCD screen.

Place A New LCD Screen:

Now place a new LCD laptop screen and secure it using the Nitto tape. Once secured attached the cables.

Secure The Screen And Other Screws:

It is now time to secure the screen – by tightening the metal rims. Then remove the Nitto tape. Put back the bezel in its original place.

Then carefully secure all the screws. Once done, insert the laptop’s battery back to its place. Turn on the laptop and enjoy a clear display once again!

Final Thought!

A cracked screen is no doubt very frustrating and devastating. But it does not mean that your laptop is a piece of junk! Before spending your money on an expensive new one, look for the cause of why your display interferes.

Usually, the problem is either with your graphic/video card or there is a minor screen crack. By following this guide you can save up to $700 without risking rendering your device completely useless!

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