How To Fix A Broken Key On A Laptop?

In today’s digitalized world, a computer has become a necessity for everybody around the globe. We usually tend to neglect the importance of a keyboard in the performance of the computer – But, it is not that worthless.

Even a single broken key on your laptop’s keyboard can ruin the performance of your entire laptop.

Are you spending a lot of time using your laptop? If yes, then don’t wait to check your laptop’s keys as they can be worn out because of the excessive usage. Over time, the keys that you use most of the time, start to break away.

Getting these keys fixed by a professional, or buying a new keypad can cost you a lot of money. So, why not fix it yourself?

We can repair an entire keyboard at home, then why opt for someone else to fix a small key or two. This Key Fixation Guide will help you fix your laptop’s keys on your own, with the least effort possible.

Steps To Fix A Broken Key:

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on fixing a broken laptop key on the laptop.

Set up the tools

First of all, take a look around and pick up the essential equipment, which can assist you in fixing a worn-out key on your PC.

Probably, at this moment, you have an idea that the key perhaps won’t be functioning fine because something is stuck inside there, which you have to distinguish and expel.

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For evacuating a soil or residue from within a console, you unquestionably need something that can discharge all the weight that the messed up key holds. You need the following things to perform this procedure:

  • A spreading blade or butter knife
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton bud
  • Tweezers
  • A bowl

Safety Measures

This is not a risky thing to do. Still, precautionary measures should be taken in every task. Remember to unplug your laptop, just in case it’s associated with a charger.

This is extremely important. You would manage a margarine blade, which is a metal and can harm you on the off chance that you neglect to evacuate the connector. Also, turn off your laptop.

Working with a computer powered on can be hazardous. In the wake of turning it off, sit tight for quite a while with the goal that it becomes somewhat cool.

Presently, as you have planned a safety method, look for a safe spot where you can fix a messed up key on your PC effortlessly.

It is ideal to look for an indoor place that has perfect light with clear perceivability. If that spot is leveled, it can accelerate your work.

Use A Cotton Bud To Clean The Worn-out Key:

Take the cotton bud and tenderly wipe the area around the messed up key. Keep moving the cotton bud in Brownian motion ceaselessly around the way to ensure that it is cleaned.

If that key is somewhat clingy or grimy outwardly, you can use a smidgen of water. Using that moist tip of the cotton bud, wipe the key and let it sparkle as much as a new key.

Clean the edges and corners with a toothpick:

It’s time to make the key spotless! Clean the holes of key and a bit underneath it. A toothpick has a fine tip that can securely get to the small sides of the key and evacuate any free residue that may escape underneath and do further harm.

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Remove the key using a Butter knife:

Now, take the butter knife carefully. Hold the blade right on the extreme left corner of the key and turn it at a 45° angle.

This will strike the key off the console without any effort and trouble in the other keys. Accomplish this work with significant consideration, because culling the incorrect way may break away the plastic key.

Make a tad bit of notice. Check if, underneath the key, the carriage for the key is somewhat tilted or at an inappropriate spot. Have a go at fixing it physically and see that if the key gets set here and is currently usable.

If the key returns to work by pushing it down, your work is done here. No compelling reason to additionally continue to the next stage because your wrecked key is now fixed. Good for YOU!

If it isn’t your case, continue to the next step and accept that hard work is continuously productive?

Clean the internal parts of the key:

With quite a good consideration and attention, expel the key carriage and the keypad from the laptop.

Handle them both with care and securely place them in the bowl until you do the cleaning. The space for the messed up key is all vacant now. MAKE THEM CLEAN!

Ensure there is no residue remaining in that area. You can make use of a cotton bud and that toothpick for this reason as well.

Additionally, make sure to get the key carriage spotless if it’s messy or clingy before proceeding to the next step, as we are going to end the cleaning phase now.

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Fixing the Key:

Setting up the key is the last step of the entire process. Set the key right where you took it out from. Also, set the carriage into its clean and tidy place and the keypad in the mid.

Ensure the carriage stays at a fixed spot there in its space and doesn’t slip around anytime soon. Now, set the keycap and gently add some pressure onto it with the goal that everything hinders to its place how it was before.

You have fixed your laptop key now! Now, you can connect the charger to the laptop. It’s time to turn your PC on and play out a check.

Experience the magic and give us an overview in the comments below. How has it worked for you?

We will be glad to tackle your issues in case your laptop’s key is still not fixed.

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