How To Decorate Your Laptop?

A laptop is included among all those essential gadgets that you carry most of the time. And carrying a decently decorated laptop with yourself adds 5 stars in your personality.

Change the look of your laptop from boring to attractive, by just using some crafty stuff. You can customize your laptop to your heart’s desire. With some easy methods, you can enjoy the elegant look of your laptop. So, continue reading!

Here Are Few Good Ways to Decorate Your Laptop


If you want to give a change look to the entire backside of your laptop- well, then you can use skins. It’s a convenient, simple, and quick method to make your laptop look new.

Buy your favorite skin from a website or you can make your creative designs or images into skins. The skins are removable so you can change the style of your laptop anytime you want.

  • Peel the skin carefully.
  • Start sticking the skin to your laptop from one edge and then carefully stick it to the entire surface.
  • Thoroughly, do the sticking to stop air trapping.
  • After sticking, press the skin slowly.


Don’t want to cover the entire backside of your laptop? No problem, you can use decals and cover the only area you want. You can apply different designs, trendy slogans, or a logo of your favorite sports team. They are also removable so you can go for one after another.

  • With a damp piece of cloth wipe the area where you have decided to apply the decal.
  • Dry the area.
  • Stick the decal to your laptop’s chosen area.
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Washi Tapes:

Skins and decals fail to motivate you for decoration, then how about decorating your laptop with some tapes? Washi tapes are printed with different classical designs and some are even with glitters.

You can decorate your laptop using a single design tape or you can go for applying multiple designs on your laptop. Washi tapes are easily available at craft stores and are safe to apply.

  • Clean the surface with a damp piece of cloth.
  • Dry the surface with a clean and dry cloth.
  • Cut the tape in lengths, you want to decorate your laptop.
  • And apply the tapes on your laptop.

Washi Tapes On Keyboard:

Also, want to decorate your keyboard? With washi tapes, you can easily do this. A decorated keyboard along with a decorated backside will make your laptop more attractive.

You can buy matching washi tapes similar to the backside decoration theme.  Some washi tapes are thin, which allows you to easily see the letters on your keyboard.

  • Clean the keys.
  • Cut the washi tape according to the size of your key.
  • Apply the strips to your keyboard.


If you are interested in art-related stuff, then painting your laptop cover will give your laptop a nice and decent look. You can paint designs on your laptop cover or you can simply paint it using one single color.

Either way, your laptop will look new. Choose a beautiful color in which you want to see your laptop in the future days and start painting!

  • Cover the table with a newspaper or old cloth.
  • Use a newspaper to cover areas you don’t want to paint.
  • Gently rub sandpaper on the plastic cover for better results.
  • Now paint the cover using spray paint.
  • Two or three coats of paint will be better.
  • Do all this painting work away from any fireplace.
  • Let the cover dry for a few hours.
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A good drawer will indeed want to draw some imaginative drawings on the laptop cover. You will surely make a good impression on people with your drawing skills.

Maybe you will get paid for designing on other laptops’ covers as well. Get yourself some good markers and start drawing anything you want. You can draw your favorite superhero, cartoon character, any design or flower.

  • Practice your drawing on a page before doing it on the laptop cover.

Fabric Covers:

This method is for those who want a new laptop look plus protection. Fabric covers are available in lovely colors and designs.  You can also customize the size and design of your fabric cover if you are not fully satisfied with the readymade covers.

Another advantage of this cover is, it keeps your laptop safe and strong. So wrap your laptop and make it pretty and strong.

Things You Should Know For Decorating Your Laptop:

  • For decorating your laptop with any of the methods, clean your hands and the surface you want to decorate.
  • If you have decided to decorate your laptop with decals, skins, or washi tapes- then clean the surface with water, not spray cleaners.
  • The decals, skins and washi tapes don’t stick suitably on the spray.
  • After cleaning the surface with water, dry the surface completely before starting the decoration.
  • Press the skin or decals gently after applying them on your laptop.
  • Don’t touch the skins and decals repeatedly, once you stick them on the surface. Leave them for a few hours.
  • Cover the areas with a newspaper where you don’t want to paint.
  • Don’t rub the sandpaper too hard on the surface.
  • Wear gloves and mask if you are allergic to paints.
  • Varnish your design with polyurethane.
  • Use good quality markers for drawing.
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Decorate your laptop in such a way that you get the attention of your colleagues and friends. If your laptop is the gadget you use the most then without any delay you should make it look elegant.

Use your ideas and get rid of the old simple look of your laptop. Take some time and think about what design or method will make your laptop show personality.

Purchase the stuff or do with what you have at your home, for the decoration you desire. The new-look of your laptop will make you truly happy every time you use it.

Some colors, designs, or quotes will motivate you for the work you are going to do on your laptop. With the help of this article, you can now easily and beautifully finish this task. Enjoy the fresh look of your laptop!

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