How To Cool Down My Laptop?

When it comes to the laptop, overheating is one of the major issues that every user will face eventually. This could damage the laptop as well as its components inside, which can cost you a thousand dollars to fix it.

It also slows down the performance of your laptops & slows down overall processes running on it. It may also result in burns as well as other safety issues. So, it is very imperative to keep your laptop cool but how?

It is discussed below in detail but let us first look at a few common signs of overheating laptops.


Signs of overheating laptops

Laptops are prone to overheating thus it’s important to recognize the sign timely when it’s becoming hot before it’s too late. A few potential signs of overheating laptop may include:

  • Fan making loud wiring noises & running constantly.
  • Laptop struggling to perform simple tasks.
  • Error messages are being popped up randomly.
  • On laptop screens, you may see lines showing up.
  • The laptop shuts down frequently & abruptly.
  • Certain laptop areas are hotter like processor, battery, RAM, Fan, etc.
  • Blue screen of death.

Different ways to keep your laptop cool & avoid overheating

Place your laptop on the desk

The first & foremost thing to mention here is that laptop placement is very important. It feels comfortable when you work on your laptop while on being bed because it makes you feel calm.

But, you need to keep in mind that blankets, pillows, carpets & even clothes work as an insulator. It means that when you place your laptop on these things, it blocks the built-in vents & laptop can’t ventilate accurately as it is closed from the bottom.

The best recommendation for you is to place your laptop on the desk or table while working. In short, you can place it on any hard & flat surface & avoid placing it on the softer ones.

It assures the airflow under the laptop. If you work from home on a laptop, addicted to games or have the habit of watching seasons for hours, buy yourself a computer desk & place it in a cool & nice environment.

Keep your laptop clean

Everyone knows that dust is very harmful to our laptops & other electronic components. If it gets clogged inside, the exhaust fans fail to do their job of keeping the laptops cool.

All those people who live in dusty areas or have pets at their homes need to be more careful about cleaning laptops regularly inside & out.

If you don’t choose to clean it for months or even weeks, the dust residing outside will make its way to your laptops’ internal components too, which will consequently clog up the whole machine as the vents are closed for airflow & it will be heated up.

The best way to keep your laptop clean & to avoid heating issues is that you must keep a compressed air can with you for this purpose. After two or three days, spray short air bursts into its vents.

To get better access to inside dirty areas, you can take off the laptop panels. But, don’t be too aggressive with it as it could damage some sensitive components of your laptop.

I would suggest you keep a microfiber piece of cloth along with your laptop in your bag. As soon as you are done with your work, clean the screen, keyboard and all other parts of a laptop well.

Changing laptop settings might help

It could sound insane to some people but it helps. There are more than a few laptop settings that if you adjust them accordingly, you can run your laptop at optimal temperatures.

But, before that, you must choose to buy the laptop that meets your usage demands. Also, keep a check on your drivers regularly & smartly update them.

The first thing to mention is that keep the brightness of your laptop at the mid-level. Make sure that nothing extra is plugged into your laptop.

Close all resource clogging apps, if they are not being used currently. Keep checking the power management settings of your laptop as well. The last but not the least thing is to look if your BIOS require to be updated.

The reason is that the BIOS settings let the fans inside your laptop know at what temperature they are supposed to turn on. Newer BIOS may have updates regarding this or the outdated version may not work properly.

Get a laptop cooler

All the latest models of the laptops come with compact sizes, regardless of what brand they belong to.

Despite having several advantages of the compact laptops designs, it may limit the cooling amount they can have. What if you include more cooling to your laptop? Doesn’t it sound great?

There are laptop cooling pads available in the market that can make things simpler for you. It is tray shaped with build-in small sized fans. This is to place a laptop over it while using it.

As soon as the fans of the cooling pads start, it direct air to the laptop bottom & keep it cool. These are not expensive at all but are much effective in keeping your laptop cool, even in long hour sessions.

Avoid intense process & keep the laptop out of the heat

The last but not the least thing to mention here is that overheating in your laptop may be caused due to intense processes you are running on it. Avoid running such processes which your machine is unable to do to keep it cool.

For example, there are a few processes that subject CPU to work hard such as browsers with video flash. The CPU in such a scenario will get hotter and this will boost up the fan speed.

So, the best recommendation for you in this regard is to utilize the FlashBlock so that the flash videos are turned on only when required.

Other than this, exposure to direct heat may also create overheating issues such as exposure to the direct sunlight. In short, high temperatures may be the reason to overheat your laptop due to hard drive expansion & battery damage.

So, choose to work in a clean & cool place. Have more cooling advice for laptops? You are most welcome to share in the comment section.

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