How To Connect Bluetooth Headset To Laptop Windows 7?

Looking for a way to connect Bluetooth headset to Windows 7? Here you are in the right place. When it comes to the structure & user interface, Windows 7 is a bit different than windows 8, 8.1, Ubuntu & 10.

Windows 7 has its peculiarities thus the process to connect the Bluetooth headset is also a bit different & in this detailed guide, we will discuss the entire procedure.

At present, the majority of laptops come up with pre-installed Bluetooth adaptors but the older ones don’t have the built-in Bluetooth in it.

But, you don’t need to worry at all because we have got you covered here. So, let us start understanding the process with this stepwise guide to connect your Bluetooth headset to your windows 7 laptop.

Make your laptop visible to Bluetooth devices

Step #1: The very first step is to search for the Devices & Printers by clicking on the start menu.

Step #2: Look for the option of Bluetooth devices there in the list, which will let you know the names of all connected devices to your laptop via Bluetooth or physically.

Step #3: Open Setting by right-clicking on the Bluetooth device option. It will show you all the Bluetooth settings by opening up a pop-up window here.

Step #4: Look for the Options tab here in the Bluetooth settings window & it will show you a Discovery textbox. There you will see an option ‘Allow all Bluetooth devices to search this system/computer’. 

If this checkbox is not already marked, make sure to check it. It will then allow all the Bluetooth devices to access your system as it’s visible to them now. If it’s already checked, you are not required to change the setting then.

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Step#5: Go to the Connection box now & look for the ‘Permit Bluetooth devices to connect to this system/computer’ option.

Make sure to check this & another option i.e. ‘Alert when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect to this PC’.  If it’s already checked, you are not required to change the setting then.

Step #6: Go to the bottom of the windows & click Save the changes button & then close the current window.

Range of Laptop Bluetooth transmitter

The Bluetooth transmitter of the laptop ranges about 30 to 50 feet that are equal to 10 to 20 meters. So, once you are done with enabling the Discovery mode, every Bluetooth device in the range mention will be able to see & connect to your laptop.

Bring Bluetooth headset to the pairing mode

Step #7: Look for the power button on your Bluetooth headsets & power headsets by pressing it.

Step #8: In this step, you might get a bit confused because the setting of every Bluetooth headset is different from others. You are required to set your headset to the Pairing Mode/Discoverable Mode.

So, doing a few experiments will let you know the exact method. In this regard, you need to read the user’s manual guide that comes with your Bluetooth headsets to know the exact procedure.

The very first time when you power your Bluetooth headsets, it will go to the Pairing Mode/Discoverable Mode automatically.

But, if it’s not the first time, you are required to press the power button for several seconds every time to take it to the Pairing Mode/Discoverable Mode. When the LED light of your Bluetooth headset starts blinking, you are done.

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Connect the Bluetooth headsets to your laptop

Step #9: If you still have Devices & Printers window open, that’s great. If not, go to step 1 & follow it reopen it.

An alternative way is to Press the Window Key + R & type the name of the program you want to open. Here you are supposed to open Control Panel so write it and press Ok. Under Hardware & Sounds option, you will find the Devices & Printer option & you are supposed to click on it.

Step #10: There you will see an option of Add a device. As soon as you click it, it will begin its search for the nearby Bluetooth devices & within a few seconds, you will see a list.

Step #11: Look for your Bluetooth headset from the list & then click on the Next button and wait.

The configuration device progression in showing up currently & it will install the required drives if it doesn’t already present there automatically. You are not required to do anything manually.

Step #12: As soon as step 11 completes, you will be required to add your pairing code. The default code for most of the devices is 0000 but if it’s not accepting this, look for the pairing code in your manual guide.

As soon as you enter the correct pairing code, it will successfully connect your Bluetooth headsets to your laptops windows 7 & a message will pop up saying ‘Your Bluetooth devices have been connected to this PC’.

Step #13: This last step is to select the Bluetooth headset as the default playback device. Go to the taskbar tray & look for the sound icon & right-click it. Select playback devices & then select the name of your Bluetooth headset as the default ones.

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How to connect Bluetooth headset to the laptop windows 7 – Wrapping up

These were the simplest steps to follow if you need to connect your Bluetooth headsets to your windows 7 laptop. If you are still facing some sort of issues, here are a few solutions:

The first & foremost thing to try is to restart Bluetooth as well as the Bluetooth device one by one. It will solve any minor issues this way as this trick always works for me. When it is turned on again, make sure it is in pairing mode.

Another troubleshooting tip for you in this regard is to go to the Device & Printers & you will see an exclamation sign on Bluetooth headset icon.

Right-click on it & press Troubleshoot. The system will start searching for the solution automatically & you are not required to do anything manually. Click Apply this fix button as soon as it’s done.

Still, have some confusion about this? Or an anonymous error message is showing up; just let us know by commenting below.

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