How to Clean A Touch Laptop Screen?

Admit it! Laptops are an absolute essential of the modern world. Being the slave of technology, we can’t imagine our lives without technology; therefore, it is natural that our laptop the screen gets dirty.

Besides, with the advent of touch screens, two in one, and clamshell laptops, there is a drastic increase in the problem. I’m sure you all can relate to touching the screen with dirty hands and regretting looking at the dirty screen.

Even though we wipe off the stains, but we ought to be quite careful with the method of cleaning. Hence, this guide will help you learn the precise manner to clean the laptop.

Even though you need to be quite cautious with the touch laptop screen, but the best part of today’s laptop screens are far long-lasting compared to the ones in the early 20s.

However, acknowledgment of the unique touch screen feature, as they have the ability to bear stress and rough use. Besides, the glass brand use in mobile phones and laptops are sturdy enough for rough use.

However, fingertips often leave unpleasant prints on the screen that needs cleaning. So, without dragging the discussion, let us jump at the ways to clean the touch laptop screen:



No matter how clean your surroundings are, you will always end up cleaning dust from the screen. So, if you own a camera, a nice pair of specs, or a laptop for years, then you might agree on the fact that microfiber is the best tool to clean your laptop screen.

This cloth is ideal for all the dust from the glass screen without any scratches. Even though you can get any other fabric, but they can end up in debris. Moreover, make sure you avoid paper towels, as they are not as gentle as they seem, and you can end up in scratches.


So, the accurate way to clean dust from the touch laptop screen with microfiber is:

  1. Go for a microfiber cloth; particularly, for glass surface
  2. Make sure you shut down the to get a blank screen for cleaning
  3. Make sure you wipe all the dust is a single direction. Moreover, refrain from rubbing or circular motion, as it can damage the screen
  4. Repeat this exercise until you are satisfied with the clean screen

You can also go for dusters, but make sure that it is not feather based, as it can convert the dust into a cloud. Preferably, go for the duster that gently takes away all the dust from the screen. After all, there is no rocket science in cleaning the laptop surface, but make sure you shut down the device.

Cleaning oil and sticky:

In case, the laptop screen has something oily and sticky on it, and duster or sponge won’t help, then try out a secure laptop screen cleaning spray. Since, you cannot blindly spray anything on the screen, as some chemicals are quite dangerous for the laptop screen even after using a microfiber fabric. Hence, the subsequent chemicals are a strict no for your laptop screen:

  • Ammonia
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Acetone
  • methyl Chloride
  • Toluene
  • Ethyl acid
  • Surface cleaners
  • Window cleaner
  • Methyl alcohol

Even though you can buy any of the cleaners, safe from the above chemicals, but my advice is to create one at your home, completely chemical-free, some of the tried and tested screen cleaners are:

  • A blend of distilled water and white vinegar in the fifty fifty ratio
  • Distilled water with a drop of any dishwasher liquid
  • distilled water and isopropyl alcohol in fifty fifty ratio


You can prepare any of these cleaner, followed by simple steps:

  1. Make sure you shut down the laptop; besides, try to take out the battery as well for precautionary reasons. Moreover, a piece of cloth on the keyboard is also a great idea to refrain from any dripping on the keys
  2. Take a microfiber cloth, damp with the chemical (and I mean damp not wet), make sure you do not spray the cleaner directly on the screen
  3. Softly rub the cloth on the screen in a round motion, make sure you do not apply pressure or streaks to refrain from any loss
  4. In case you need, repeat the procedure without dropping anything on the laptop

After cleaning the screen, dry the laptop, and double-check before turning it on

Remove dirt and smudge:

We often face a situation when the laptop screen has something beyond dust; particularly, when we have kids around. In such a scenario, a microfiber cloth is a waste of time; instead, you are spoiling the cloth. So, what is the solution?

Go for a moist sponge. The process is quite easy, all you need is a new sponge from the house, and some distilled or filtered water

Furthermore, make sure you do not use tap water or mineral water as it can damage the screen.


Now follow the subsequent steps to clean smug stains:

  1. Make sure you shut down the laptop. Moreover, do not attach the switch to the power source, and if possible take out the battery.
  2. Use distilled water to wet the sponge and take out the access water to refrain from any dripping on the keyboard
  3. Use this wet sponge to clean the screen make sure that there is no dripping on screen and clean off if there is any dripping
  4. After carefully cleaning the laptop screen, let it dry completely. Moreover, do not close the lid or turn on the device in case the screen is not dry

Final thoughts:

There are people, who clean the touch screen laptops without seeking assistance from a professional or reader manual and end up losing the laptop. Therefore, we are here with tried and tested ways to clean the laptop screen without any damage.

We understand the value of laptop in a modern man’s life; therefore, make sure you use the right fabric and be careful with dripping. After all, who in this world wants to lose such as valuable com

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