How to Check if Laptop Fan is Working or Not?

Laptop Fan is basically a fan under the system that expels air and makes a little sound to keep the system cooler and well operational. As excessive machine operation causes heat so the purpose of this fan is to keep laptop cooler and working.

The importance of a laptop fan is similar to any crucial part of the system. Even the system is not sure to be working in excellent condition if the laptop Fan is not operational.

In order to overcome the overheating issues and avoid the hardware failures, the laptop fan must work fine, and if it doesn’t then immediate replacement must be done. As such aspects cannot be risked with the system.


How to check if the laptop fan is operational or not?

There can be too many ways that can be opted in order to check if the laptop Fan is operational or not. The importance of a laptop Fan functionality can be realized with the aspect that the hardware failure can even occur if the fan is not working properly.

So in order to enhance the longetivity of the system, it’s effective working and intact system hardware functionality the dire need of laptop Fan working is there as a basic one.

Below are highlighted the effective ways that can be considered in order to make sure the laptop fan is operational or not.

Pay attention to Laptop Fan Noise

One of the most dominating noises of a laptop system, when it’s powered on, is of laptop fan. Although such noise is not in that high pitch still they are noticeable.

As soon as you boot the system, the laptop fan noise is even lower as the speed is very slow initially. Along with the different command and apps execution, this speed gets faster and is noticeable as the noise of a propeller fan when it’s working in pretty good condition.

This speed is even enhanced when the laptop operations are increased and a rise in system temperature is observed.

For the finest of the laptop system, the noises are only audible in silent rooms but are made audible by the listeners, in order to let them able to track improper functioning of laptop fan.

A well-working system has smooth noise for its fan while if the sound interrupts or has distortions that are an indication towards non-functional or improperly functional laptop fan.

Feel the air expelling

Even more dominating aspect of laptop fan failure then its noise is the feel for the air expelling from the laptop system. For the finest ones where fan noise if so smooth to be audible, the feel for air expelling is the greater indicator.

Such air expellation is slower in the start from the laptop vents but gets pace as the system temperature is raised and functionality is faster. One can observe if the air is expelling rightly from the laptop bottom with the hand palm or the fingertip easily.

This one is an even simpler practice to check if the laptop fan is operational or not. Air flow should be smooth and easily felt in order to make sure the system is rightly operational.

Check for system temperature

With every electronic device heating up is something that can cause real troubles. There are exceptions when the system fan is felt or heard working and even the vents are expelling air normally, the system temperature is raised yet.

Well, this is something one needs to be beware off well. In order to well deal with such issues, experts recommend regular use of hardware monitor programs to track such flaws for the raised system temperature that can have even more reasons then laptop fan failures.

Such tracking programs are crucial to make sure all the hardware is working perfectly fine and are adding towards the successful execution of system operations. It even tracks for all the hardware issues in the system other than the laptop fan as well.

An expert tip to track such failure is under a condition where the laptop temperature is observed above 160 Fahrenheit continuously when the laptop is not doing much processing, the fan is assumed to be abruptly or not at all working state.

Check out systematic errors

There are several systems generated warnings that are a sure indication of inappropriate system fan working, one must take immediate notice for. Such warnings and indication include:

  • Regular rebooting of the system without warnings or indications
  • Halts often or sends dreaded BSoD warnings
  • System screen blue out
  • Inappropriate voice of fans etc.

System functionality is even affected with the increased system temperature or regular halting due to any systematic failure. So system warning is surely for immediate notice.

Final Verdict

There can be as many indications and warnings towards inappropriate laptop fan working one can take notice off. These warnings and indications can be system generated or can be felt by the user directly.

For that, one must have a sure knowledge of the indications and precautions for effective system operation.

As part of the final thought, what rates as the most dominating and highlighted indicators towards laptop fan failure is the system heat up that even exceeds normal working with 160 F.

So along with all other aspects, one needs to take a sure notice for the laptop heating issues in order to avoid big hardware failure risks and system failure issues.

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