How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

Nowadays everyone uses a laptop in and outside of their house. People use a laptop for a number of reasons like doing an important task, watching something entertaining, or playing games.

It doesn’t matter what purpose you use your laptop for, your laptop always needs to be charged. You always make sure that your laptop has enough charge when leaving your home.

But what if for some reason your laptop battery ends too quickly that you don’t get to complete your task or finish the game level?

This scenario will surely give you a mini heart attack. In that case, you have to charge your laptop battery manually. This problem-solving article will help you to find the right method for you to charge your laptop battery manually.

So that you can continue doing your important task or playing your game. But what might be the reasons that your battery is not charging?

Reasons Why Your Battery Is Not Charging?

There are a few reasons behind this question. We have mentioned the possible reasons below.

  • The charger might be the fault.
  • The battery of your laptop might be dead.
  • A loose charging cord and port can be the reason.
  • The wall socket might not be electrically available.
  • Connectors inside the laptop can be the fault.

After analyzing all these possibilities you can find the right solution for charging your laptop battery manually. Let’s start finding a suitable solution for you.

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Use A USB- C Charging Cord:

The USB- C provides an alternate way to charge your laptop battery. It’s basically a newer version of USBs and it can transfer the power and data on a single cable.

The USB- C is adaptable to all the connecting devices. For charging your laptop battery manually using a USB- C charging cord you have to follow the instructions:

  • Check your laptop, if it has the USB- C charging port. Almost all new laptops have this port and if you have a new laptop it might have one too.
  • After you make sure the port is present on your laptop, buy a USB- C charging cord before you pack your bags for traveling.

Use An AC Adapter Hookup:

Another problem-solving method is to charge your laptop battery manually using an AC adapter hookup. You can buy this adaptor online or from any electronic shop.

  • Check if your laptop has an AC adapter hookup.
  • If it’s present in your laptop, then simply plug in your laptop’s AC adapter to the port.
  • If it’s not there, then connect the charger to the adapter port of your battery.

Charge Your Laptop Battery Manually With A Universal Power Adapter:

This method is an easy way to charge your laptop battery manually. But, unfortunately, it’s not the safest way. This adapter is well suited for almost all laptops.

  • All you have to do is, connect your laptop to the adapter.

Why A Universal Power Adapter Is Dangerous To Use?

The universal power adapter is actually the third-party way to charge your laptop battery manually. And the laptop battery is manufactured to get charging from a custom adapter.

That’s why it’s not a safe way to charge your laptop battery manually using a universal power adapter. There is not any particular type of this adapter that you can find for your own laptop.

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But few laptop models like HP laptops, Dell laptops, and Chromebooks- have a particular type of universal power adapter.

External Battery Charger:

The fourth method is to charge your laptop battery using an external battery charger. You can easily order it from your laptop’s official website. Read these Bullet points carefully:

  • Connect your laptop battery to the external battery charger, and problem solve!
  • But carefully check the connector of the external battery charger and your laptop battery. You might get unsuccessful if you don’t check the connectors cautiously.

Use A Super Laptop Battery:

If your laptop has the possibility to remove the battery, then using a super laptop battery is a reliable way to use a laptop even if it’s original is dead. This battery works for almost 10 hours. All you have to do is:

  • Remove your laptop battery and put the super battery in its place.

With this super battery, you can now complete the important tasks on your laptop and charge your laptop’s original battery with an external charger.

Power Bank:

You can charge your laptop anytime and anywhere you want. If you have a new laptop with a USB- C charging port then this method is a convenient way for you to charge your laptop battery manually.

There are a variety of power banks in the market, so buy the one with high quality if you want to manually charge your laptop battery for a longer time.

Battery Tips:

  • Almost all batteries are Lithium and which is unsafe if you carry your battery near the heat. So, keep your battery away from heat and cover the battery while charging it manually.
  • Don’t expose your battery to direct sunlight.
  • While connecting your battery to a wire be careful. If you connect your battery with a wrong wire the Lithium battery might explode.
  • Try to avoid using the laptop while charging.
  • If there is an adequate amount of charge available in your laptop battery then avoid plugging it for charging again.
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Now you can solve your problem by charging your laptop battery manually with any of the six methods that we have discussed above.

Just go for the method which suits your laptop and end this problem forever. Visit your laptop’s official site if you need to know any necessary information about your laptop.

This article has also given you the essential information about how you can take care of your battery. And now with all this helpful knowledge, it will not matter if you are inside or outside of your house your battery will always stay charged.

Without any tension, you can now complete your important tasks or play your favorite games on your laptop without worrying about the battery percentage.

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