How much RAM do I need for Solid Works?

Solid works is actually an app that is used by the designers in order to create 3 dimensional products. In involving the shaping of a product in 2 dimensional profile and then transferred into 3D.

This application requires the specified RAM capacity and system features as well to execute its functionality.

How much RAM is required to execute Solid Works?

For the system to have the Solid Works application running over it must have the following specifications in it:

  1. 64 bit Windows such as Windows 7 or a newer version of Windows
  2. From dual core to Quad core Processing Unit capacity
  3. 8 GB of even more the PDM viewer or contributor and above 8 GB for PDM Web Client or Web Server. Here ECC RAM is recommended.
  4. The disk space should be above 5 GB with almost 2 GB of free space.
  5. 4 GB RAM is recommended
  6. Must have NVIDIA graphics card with 385.41 or a newer version of the driver for it.
  7. NVIDIA driver support for CUDA 9.0 or newer
  8. HDR light studio connection is recommended
  9. Memory of 4 GB or even more

Now the core concerns here is about the RAM requirement to execute Solid works over a provided system specification or even with more of it:

With every system application running Random Access Memory is mainly the component that makes sure the application is running smoothly without exhausting the system.

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To ensure the functioning of Solid Works parts used, assemblies and operations, the RAM size is a must requirement to meet the complexity and size of used features in this application.

The size of RAM and this app execution has one to one correspondence with each other. The enough the size of RAM is the more of flexible execution solid work app has.

Solid work execution with different RAM capacity

Here we will discuss either Solid works can execute with 4 GB RAM or not?

RAM alone is not the deciding factor for the smooth application execution on any system. The system features have also a lot to deal with it. Having an integrated GPU along with 4 GB of RAM will lead the system to experience lagging issues.

The app assemblies require good system specifications, for the designing and small assemblies the 4GB RAM, with a graphics card and dual core Processing is enough.

How good is 8GB RAM is for solid works?

8GB RAM is a great one for the smooth application running but again the concern here corresponds to the system configuration with it.

RAM alone can’t well deal with the assemblies of Solid works so having a good system specification and 8 GB RAM space is a good deal for the smooth execution of Solid works over a system. 16 GB RAM is the ideal one for hault free and smooth execution of the Solid works app.

Can we know how much RAM is being currently used?

Yes, the sure short way to directly know the RAM space consumption is via Task Manager. Pressing Ctrl + alt + del altogether will lead towards the direct list of commands from where Task Manager can be selected from options where all currently executed tasks are listed.

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Now you can easily check the status of Solid works on the task manager for its add-ons, the typical parts of solid works, assemblies, the drawings, and solid work operations. For all purposes, a check can be made via a task manager.

This is how you will see the RAM usage over the task manager

The performance tab shows the status of RAM. Make sure it doesn’t go below 5%.

Even the physical memory of the system can be checked via the Resource monitor. If the used physical memory is above 95% then a better RAM is required.

If the CPU is dripping off for a while and the smooth execution of the solid works operations is interfered, that is a sure indication that RAM is not enough to requirement. With inadequate memory, the solver will pick the small RAM.

Final Verdict

While in the particular case the one line solution to this whole thing is “The Bigger, the Better”. With the budget and workload as side other crucial factors, the guide has made easy to decide what capacities to go for in order to ideally execute the Solid works app.

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