How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen?

Sometimes even after careful handling, you get a cracked or broken laptop screen. While most people think that damage to the laptop screen makes the whole gadget useless – it’s not true! Unless your laptop more than 5 years old – it’s not just the paper-weight.

Not everyone can afford to buy a new laptop all over again. Well, if you are someone with a damaged screen laptop – that you bought a couple of years back – then you can still make it good as new.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollar bills on a new laptop purchase –  how about spending a few dollars on laptop screen replacement?

Cost To Fix A Laptop Screen

If your laptop is not much older – have just display issues (broken or cracked screen) – then a simple screen replacement would save the day!

However, there are a few things that one must need to know before opting for the laptop screen replacement option.

Lucky for you, as you have landed on the right web-page! In this article, we have explained all the factors that are critical in fixing/replacing a laptop screen.

We have also mentioned the overall repair expenditure that you need to incur on your laptop screen replacement.


Ways To Fix Broken Laptop Screen

When it comes to fixing a damaged laptop screen, you have two choices:

  • Call a professional laptop repair technician, or
  • Do it yourself at home.

The repair cost varies in both situations. Generally, a DIY laptop screen fix is much cheaper than consulting a professional. Although, it comes with great risks and takes time.

On the other, when you seek help from a professional – your laptop would be good as new in a couple of days – with minimal risks.

Things To Consider When Replacing A Laptop Screen

Things To Consider When Replacing A Laptop Screen

How much do you need to spend on laptop repair – greatly depends on your choice of repair method. However, there are certainly other factors that affect both your decision (which repair method to choose) and the overall cost of the screen replacement.

Nature Of Screen Damage

The first thing that you need to determine if the damage type. By this, we mean you have to ascertain whether its a crack or your screen is actually broken.

While a mere crack partially distorts the display – broken screen causes complete display blackout. So hence, replacement is a must.

Type Of Screen

Today laptop manufacturers are using both LCD and LED screens in their products. Some laptop models come with LCD while the latest ones have LEDs. furthermore, now we also have ‘Touch screen’ technology on laptops.

Whether your laptop has a touch-screen, LCD or LED – greatly impacts the cost of repair & replacement. It also impacts the

Age Of The Laptop

Whether it’s worth spending money on screen repair – depends on the age of your laptop. As already mentioned – it’s not worth spending your money on a laptop that is more than 5 years old!

Laptop Model or Company

Another factor that might affect the laptop screen repair cost is its model or company. Different models have different screen types plus vary in screen sizes as well. So hence, it is wise to keep this factor in mind when deciding about a laptop screen fix.

Warranty Coverage

Warranty coverage is the most significant factor when it comes to laptop repairs. Whether its a screen damage, other hardware damage or both – warranty comes very handy – if it’s still valid!

Furthermore, if your warranty (granted by the manufacturer/tech-shop where you purchased the laptop) is expired, you can still negotiate warranty from the professional repair specialist.

Usually, laptop repair service providers offer a 90-days warranty that ensures their customer a free fix (if necessary).

A Cost Estimate To Fix A Laptop Screen!

Generally, the repair cost of a laptop screen repair ranges between $80 to $300. But As mentioned earlier, the cost to fix a crooked laptop screen depends on your method of repair. Therefore we have provided the expense details for both methods separately.

DIY Laptop Screen Replacement:

We are living in the era of Youtube where everything is available. You can find several laptop screen tutorials on Youtube.

Though some people can manage to fix their damaged laptops on their own – it is risky. Therefore, unless you know what you are doing – we recommend you should not do it on your own.

Nonetheless, to DIY laptop screen fix – you need a DIY replacement kit. This kit is exclusive to the laptop screen. The cost of this kit could be between $10 to $15. Furthermore, the replacement screen could be as cheap as $50 to as expensive as $200. Usually, the job could be done in just $80 to $100.

Professional Laptop Screen Fix:

Don’t feel bad if you can’t fix your laptop screen on your own – you are not alone. Therefore, there are professionals who know how to make your laptop new again.

However, professional repairs could be expensive. Almost all the laptop repair shops charges services charges along with the cost of the replacement screen.

On average, the service charges for a laptop screen repair is between $80 to $100. In addition to these service charges, the laptop repair shops charge extra for the screen. It means that you have to keep some extra bucks somewhere between $100 to $700.

You would be relieved to know that the overall cost charged by a professional vary depending on your laptop model, screen type – LCD, LED or touch-screen!

Final Thought!

When it comes to purchasing a new laptop or replacing its broken screen – the more cost-effective method is to go for replacement.

For most of you, DIY screen replacement would be tempting as it is inexpensive. However, if you are not experienced with such kinds of repair you might end up paying more than $700 on your laptop repair!

Before making any decision, take your time and analyze the damage. And if its the laptop that you have been using for the last 5+ years – its time to get a new one!

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