How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use?

Laptop is an advanced and portable version of the PC. You can take it anywhere you want, and on a gaming laptop, you can play games anywhere and anytime.

Gaming laptops allow you to play your favorite games on the same processor and resolution that PC has. There is no doubt that this invention is a miracle for the game lovers, right? 

But this miracle is a device so obviously, it consumes power. So here comes the main question: how many watts does a gaming laptop use? 

The answer is indeed in this article, and you just have to read it, simple! 

Methods To Calculate Watts Of Your Gaming Laptop 

Gamers mostly don’t give much time to these kinds of questions. Because rather than wasting their time to find the answer to this question, they want to finish the next level of their favorite game.

For this reason, they try to find the easiest and less time-consuming way to find the answer. Here are the three easy and less time-consuming methods to calculate the watts of your gaming laptop. 

You are requested to read the instructions carefully. So that you can get accurate values of watts that your gaming laptop is using. If any information is not in your knowledge then visit your gaming laptop’s official website. 

All the methods which are written below, are put together after some authentic research. Both mechanical and manual methods are present in this article. 

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Method 1: Electricity Usage Monitor Device 

This device is used to measure the power consumption of an electronic device. Electric units like; Watts, frequency, amperes, and volts are calculated using an Electricity Usage Monitor device. 

You can purchase this device from any electronic shop. The Electricity Usage Monitor device has a display. Through this, you can see the readings and find out how many watts your gaming laptop is consuming. 

For accurate readings you have to keep in mind these instructions: 

  • Before connecting your gaming laptop to the device, make sure that your gaming laptop has a 100% charge. 
  • The reason behind this is, the Electricity Usage Monitor device gives you accurate readings when your gaming laptop is fully charged. 
  • Plug your Electricity Usage Monitor device to the wall socket and then connect this device to your gaming laptop charger. 
  • In this way, the device shows you readings for watts per hour of your gaming laptop. 

Method 2: Laptop Charger

This method is a piece of the cake for measuring your gaming laptop watts per hour. All you have to do is, take your gaming laptop charge and check the sticker which is present on it. Easy, right? 

Your gaming laptop charger has a sticker on it. On this sticker power per hour is written. Your gaming laptop will not consume more than the watts per hour written on the charger.

For instance, if 150W is written in the charger then your gaming laptop is using 150W per hour and will not use more than this limit. 

  • You can get the results by multiplying the number of hours you are using your gaming laptop to the Watts of your gaming laptop. 
  • 6h * 150W = 900 watts per hour. 
  • Hence, your gaming laptop uses 900W per hour. 
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Method 3: Specifications Of Your Gaming Laptop 

Your gaming laptop has CPU and GPU. These are the main components that are using the power of your gaming laptop.

The official website of your gaming laptop uploads some specifications about the laptop, on time of launching. The specifications are Max Power Consumption (TDP). 

With these specifications, you can calculate the watts per hour your gaming laptop is using. Read the bullet points for more clarity. 

  • With the help of TDP add the values of CPU and GPU.  
  • Nearly all gaming laptops have the CPU value beginning from 40W and GPU about 70W. 
  • 40W + 70W = 110W.
  • Hence, your gaming laptop uses 110W per hour. 

However, there are also some other components of your gaming laptop, which consumes the watts of your gaming laptop when you play games. 

  • Screen resolution. 4k screen consumes more power than other screens.
  • Using WIFI also consumes more power. 
  • The mouse, keyboard, and speakers also consume more watts per hour.

Using these components completely depends on you. Gamers use these components to play their favorite games with quality.

For the most part, gamers prefer online games. And almost all the latest online games can’t be played without WIFI. Therefore this leads you gaming laptop to consume more watts per hour.

Factors That Are Considered In The Calculation Of Watts: 

  1. AMD processors consume more power as compared to the other processors. Most people use an AMD processor for its low price. 
  2. Intel processors don’t use much power. This processor has fast performance but unfortunately, it has high rates. 
  3. Graphics Processing Unit also known as GPU in your gaming laptop consumes high power. It starts when you play games and gives you a high -resolution.
  4. GPU starts heating your gaming laptop and in response, your gaming laptop starts its fans to cool down the laptop. So it consumes a huge amount of power. 
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Now you can solve your problem and find out the answer to How Many Watts Does Your Gaming Laptop Use, with any of the three methods that we have discussed above and adjust your bills accordingly. 

Just go for the method which suits your gaming laptop. But according to the expert’s recommendation, you should go with the first method. 

The Electricity Usage Monitor device is the most accurate and easy way to calculate the power consumption of your gaming laptop.

The other methods are manual calculations, so there are many chances that you will not get accurate results. Visit your laptop’s official site, to know the specifications about your gaming laptop. 

This article has also mentioned factors that are also considered in calculations. So, with all this exclusive information start playing games on your gaming laptop and check the watts on the electricity usage monitor device. 

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