How Good Are Asus Laptops?

When it comes to the best brands to buy laptops, Asus comes to the top list, without any doubt. The first time buyers are always seen confused about selecting a company or brand to buy the laptop.

If you also have the same queries in your mind, as most of the other people, is Asus a good laptop brand? How good are Asus laptops? You are exactly here in the right place.


Top laptop brand – Comprehensive intro to Asus brand & its products

This brand was established back in the year 1989. Asus is a multinational brand that develops high quality & reliable computers, laptops, phone hardware, notebooks, netbooks, graphic cards, motherboards & a range of other electronic components.

At present, one might say that Asus is a leading company driven by up to date tech & innovative ideas. Since the company development, it has managed to fulfill its commitment to the excellent quality electronic products at reasonable prices that everyone can afford.

When we talk specifically about the Asus laptops, you might believe that they produce the finest laptops & one can easily rely on them to buy laptops.

The most amazing thing about this brand is that they have a wide array of laptops, ranging from low to high. So, everyone can find the ideal laptop from this brand, keeping in mind their requirements as well as the budget.

Here, I would like to mention two amazing things by this brand. The first one is its extremely convenient support & the second one is its admirable innovation that reflects from every product.

The unique & amazing design of the laptops manufactured by the company has inspired a range of people from all over the globe.

Within a very short time span from its establishment, Asus has managed to earn the trust of its customers & has beaten its competitors regarding quality, unique & innovative product and affordable prices.

When it comes to buying a laptop, finding the combination of the finest quality & affordable prices is intricate, but Asus has managed to make it possible for its customers.

No matter for what reason you need a laptop i.e., for personal use, for office work, or for gaming purposes, you can find the best fit from this brand.

The major problem with most of the laptops from several brands available in the market is the heating issue. But, when you are buying the laptop from Asus, just forget about overheating problems too.

Awards received by Asus laptops

You might think why I am telling you this? The purpose of providing you this information is just to make you sure about the company’s reliability. To be honest, the Asus brand has managed to win a total of 1796 awards.

A variety of their laptops have been awarded. For instance, ROG services have won the biggest number of awards. The best choice of the year award was given to Asus ZenBook S

Back in the year 2019, Asus won 6 awards for the unsurpassed choice, 11 awards from for its product designs & innovations from Computex awards. Other award winners of Asus are ZenBook, VivoBook, ROG Strix Series, ROG Zephyrus, & Asus mini.

The last but not the least thing that I would like to mention here is that if you Google the best laptops list, you will find Asus on the top.

A list of Specifications of Asus Laptops

Asus Laptops Components

As already mentioned above, Asus has developed a wide array of laptops to fit the needs of personal users, professionals, gamers or students, etc. Asus laptop components are worth spending the money.

Except for their finest quality, these are affordable & suit everyone’s pocket. Asus has proffered its users a range of components, which makes multitasking a bit easier on laptops.

If you are low with your budget, no worries because Asus has the best option of the laptop for you too & still you can get the quad-core as most of its laptops are equipped with Quad-core processors.

A few Asus laptop components that you will find in almost every laptop by the company are; Nanoedge technology, Intel’s Skylake processors, Vapor chamber cooling system, Screen pad, SSD, 8 cell batteries, LED displays & Sonic master audio.

Asus Laptop Design

As mentioned above, these laptops have been awarded for ROG & ZenBook. Guess what was the reason behind it? They have been awarded for their cool & innovative designs.

Every series of Asus laptops come with amazingly unique designs that stun the customers every single time & they always love their cool designs.

Regardless of your price range, you will get a super quality laptop. As you buy, you will experience that they put great efforts into designing for their laptops because all you get is sleek & stylish laptops.

Other than this, the laptops manufactured by the company are always slim, lightweight & stylish.

Asus Laptop PC technical support

When you search on the internet, different people say different things about their support but there are almost no negative comments for them.

There may be a delay when it comes to proffering the technical support but most of the people say that they got their problems solved soon.

Some people complain that they require completing the registration process first so they may make you hold for a few minutes (even for hours in rare cases).

Well, that’s the process of company & it’s not something that can be referred to as negativity. I always found their tech support services fast & convenient as the team is always available & proved to be super helpful.

Asus laptop batteries come with the extended warranty, which are flexible & also cover the natural disaster defects, accident defects, the manufacturer defects as well as the detects caused by their party viruses.

Asus Laptop Price

No matter what your range is to buy the laptop, you will still find the one from any of the Asus laptop series. Even if your budget is too low, you will still get the one but you will have to compromise a bit on specifications in this case.

The laptops with the least prices also have the quad-core processors so the company doesn’t let you break your banks. There are several laptops available at high prices as well which possess high-end machinery & are worth spending money.

I am speaking out of my experience, if you choose to compare the Asus laptops with laptops by other brands (the ones with the same features), you will see the huge price difference. When you choose to buy from Asus, you will get much more than what you paid for.

Asus Laptop Innovation

With their brand new models & design for laptops, Asus has never failed to inspire the customers. The two examples of their innovative & excellent designs are ROG Zephyrusand ZenBook Pro, which were also awarded.

Asus is known for its slim & sleek laptops designs. The gaming laptops by other brands are usually heavy but for this category, they also have lightweight laptops, which are adored by the gamers.

They keep on surprising the people with their innovative laptops packed with high performance & power. They have excellent quality laptops for personal use, for work, pleasure, gaming & studying, etc.

Asus Product Variety

There is a wide array of products offered by this top as well as a reliable brand. When it comes to your specific requirements, you are going to get the one that exactly matches.

You might have seen that the Asus gaming laptops are highly being recommended by the users everywhere because it always satisfies the gamer needs. The business persons also find Asus laptop the best fit for their requirements.

In short, Asus has a range of perfect laptops for everyone. It always comes up with the latest & amazing things that the people desire to experience & explore as well as adore too.

Asus Warranty Coverage

The last but not the least thing to mention here is Asus Laptop Warranty Coverage. Whatever laptop you purchase from the company, it comes with a standard one year warranty, which also includes accidental damage protection.

So, you can buy the desired laptop, swap out RAM or other storage without the fright of voiding its warranty.

But for notebooks, keep one thing in mind that if it gets damaged during installation, you are on the hook. In this case, the company only offers you the two-way shipping facility, if you require the repair facility from the company.

Are Asus laptops good for the business needs?

If you are looking forward to buy the best laptop for your business needs within your budget, Asus laptops can be the best choice for you in this scenario.

The reason is that it satisfies all the business requirements & works well for it. The business laptops by Asus are powerful, durable yet affordable. They have a range of business laptops for small to medium-sized businesses.

As a business owner, you will find Asus business laptops the best regarding battery life, even if you are travelling.

Other than this, it also proffers the excellent support for heavy loads & their architecture & designs are matchless and cope up with the latest business trends.

By and large, the business owners need the perfect performance and lots of space. Asus will never disappoint you. You can network, communicate & work the day long with the best experience.

As a business owner, if you are searching for perfection, you might check commercial notebooks, chrome book monitors, ROG laptops, projectors and much more.

If you are about to buy the laptop for your medium-size business, the best recommendation for you from my side is ASUS P SERIES P2540UA-AB51 BUSINESS STANDARD LAPTOP as it’s the best combo of pro design & business productivity.

Are Asus laptops good for gaming purposes?

When it comes to gaming laptops, the first & foremost thing we expect from these laptops is high power. The gaming laptops by Asus are equipped with a beautiful display, powerful hardware, & hardcore build.

So, if you one of those people who are looking for the best gaming laptops, Asus will never disappoint you. Other than being thin & lightweight, the Asus gaming laptops proffer the great performance & pleasant experience.

The game sounds also enhances the gaming experience if these are great so Asus laptops will rock full HD gaming along with the impressive speakers. Also, you will not face any sort of heating issue in Asus gaming laptops.

The company promises to satisfy all of your gaming needs this it never fails & has powerful & matchless components as gamers never compromise on anything so they will have a vibrant screen with amazing colours, consequently proffering you the best gaming experience.

If you are about to purchase a gaming laptop & want the one that works beyond your expectations, ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS S GX531GX & ASUS ROG STRIX GL502can be the right choice for you.

How good are Asus laptops? – Wrapping Up

There are several other laptop brands available in the market, such as HP, Dell, and Acer. All of them are undoubtedly the best but I found Asus to be the best amongst all regarding quality, prices, designs, tech support & a wide array of laptops availability.

In short, it is the finest brand undoubtedly. It also has introduced a few innovative features like ErgoLyft and ScreenPad etc. The people have always loved their products because of their innovative & pocket-friendly range.

For all those people who are looking for the Asus laptops reviews on the internet, unfortunately, they are not going to get a bunch of articles or blogs that satisfies them or even proffer them the right information.

I told you everything out of my experience & knowledge gathered as I am myself a highly satisfied user of Asus laptop.

If you have any queries or require any sort of help, you can always leave your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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